Yes!  She is Black!
She is a half sister to Corrie & BettySue (same father).  When mated with Liam she produces black and chocolate pups.

We have always loved all three colours of Labs but just never actively strayed from breeding Chocolates. So keep watching as a Yellow could be a part of Bellbrooke in the future!





**to read about Jenny's special story.... scoll down to the bottom of this page.

ALEXIS   (retired)


BETTY SUE (retired and residing with her original breeder)



****Read about Jenny's special story....... 

Jenny @ 2 days old

 **Rachel surprised us with a wee tiny female pup on May 2. We thought she was only carrying one or two pups and then she started to have problems with the pregnancy,,, The little pup arrived early, by almost a week and weighed only 353 grams. It was not certain if she would survive. Being a 'premie' her lungs were still 'wet' and we had to keep her very warm and give her lots of support,,,also, she had no 'suck reflex' so she could not nurse off of mom , which meant that I had to make sure she was fed. I did this by tube feeding her every 3 hours and administering subcutaneous  fluids by needle twice a day to make sure she was hydrated. Over the first three days her weight dropped down to 326 grams.. then,,on May 4th  she started to gain,, just a few grams at a time. I had to continue tube feeding her until May 7th,, which would have been her actual due date,, at which time she suddenly kicked in and latched on to Mom !!! At that time her weight had reached 373 grams.. So with weigh-ins about 5 times a day to make sure she was getting something at each feeding, I let Mom take over. She has done incredibly well, and by the time she was a week old she was weighing 423 grams.  After a solid week of gaining and thriving her weight at two weeks of age was topping 1006 grams or 2.5 pounds (we had to switch to pounds as she no longer fit on the small kitchen scale).  We could not be happier. Her weight on Sunday, May 18  was an even 3 pounds.  

**scroll thru the pics here to see how she grew.  (click on any pic to start slide show)


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Forever in Our Hearts
These are our past companions and live on thru the pups that have brought joy to others

Hannah (Aug 27, 1998 - Aug 29, 2011)
From her little white freckle on her nose and the one crinkled ear, to her tip tap toenails, it is so quiet now without her as my constant shadow. The sweetest, lovng mother of many puppies. She loved all puppies and there was not anyone that she didn't greet with a happy wag and kiss. We miss you  every day,, our 'Baby Girl'.

Hayley (Sept 15, 1996 - Dec 26,2008)
We miss our 'Sweetie-girl'. The days are not the same without the leadership of our alpha-girl. She was so smart and such a brave, loving girl. Non can ever compare to her grace. Always was 'Daddy's Girl' ,, right next to him on the couch every minute she could be.
Sierra (Oct 9, 2000 - March 9, 2013)
Full sister to Hannah and Hayley, and also grandmother to Megan. Sierra had a big heart and was very tolerant. She was a wonderful mother, and loved socializing with all the pups that are born here. The 'Old Girl' will be missed.

Emma  (Nov 3, 2007-Oct 29,2016)
Our big gentle girl has left us with a huge ache in our hearts.  She was the kindest, loving girl, who loved to have her ears rubbed and  would talk to you in her deep soft ruffy speaking voice when you didn't do it just right or long enough.  She was a dedicated loving mom and was so devoted to her pups she would pout for days when they left. Anyone with one of those pups has a piece of her big loving heart and they know just what I mean when I say how much she will be missed. A sweet loving soul gone far too soon. Miss you  'Emmy-doo'

Rachel (July 24, 2007-Oct 30, 2017)
Left us suddenly and we miss her dearly.
She was a half sister to Emma.
Such a smart and incredibly stunning girl, which she passed on to her pups.  
She was a favourite with everyone. Outgoing and energetic with great strength and devotion. She was 'Daddy's Girl' and will be missed terribly.
The smallest ones that are with you for the shortest time can manage to take the biggest part of your heart. We had to say goodbye to our wee one today. He fought hard and we did everything right, but it was not meant to be. xx RIP (July 14-Aug 4, 2017)

Dianna (Oct 14, 2007-Oct 5, 2018)  "Little D"  was just the most loving mom and the sweetest, kindest girl. She got along with everyone and every dog.  Loved people, all puppies and was just the best. A one of a kind special girl. Such a sadness that she had to leave us.
Megan   (Aug 19,2009-Mar 16, 2019)
"Meggie" was our current alpha. She ruled with subtle gestures and kept all in que.  A quiet subdued 'Lady', she had a regal air about her and yet was a playful pup when it came to retrieve games. She will be missed and in our hearts forever. Her grand parents were Sierra & Bruno.
Leo  (Sept 17, 1998 - Oct 2, 2011)
The 'Old Man' is gone, but never forgotten. He is now reuniited with his  'ladies'  Hayley, Hannah & Sierra.  Leo was always happy to meet and greet all our puppy owners, and especially loved his buddy, our grandson, Branden. Whenever he visited they were inseparable. Things won't ever be the same without our big teddy bear. Leo sure did make beautiful puppies.

Bruno (Dec 15, 2002- May 12, 2016)
Sad to have to let our big 'teddy bear' go ...He will be missed.
As a half brother to Leo, our boy Bruno gave some of the same genetics  to many of our pups.
Our girl Megan is his grand daughter.  And Jenny and Monica are his daughters.  So while our hearts will miss him, he will still be living on thru our girls.