Enjoy reading what our 'puppy parents' have to say:

From Wilbur & Barney's family:
"We still miss Barney's presence in our lives everyday, three years later. But with the addition of Wilbur to our family, we are constantly kept in stitches! He is as much of a clown as his father, Liam. He has wiggled (and bulldozed!) his way into our hearts like we never thought possible.

Cyd & Barney                                                               Barney

And here is a cute story Cyd tells from the past about Barney.......
      We were ice fishing one day and there were a few guys fishing further down the shore. Well Barney got bored waiting and went for a little wander. He went to the first guy and said hello, got his pat, wandered to the next- same thing - a little hello, got to the third guy-got his pat-then proceeded to the guys pile of fish, gently picked one up from the pile and headed back to our spot. We didn't really notice, we thought he was just visiting, until the guy yelled to us "boy, you really have him well trained !!"  We had a really good laugh about that one!  I'm sure Barney was thinking... "come on guys, it is as easy as this!"

From Emma's family:
Emma is waiting for company. She doesn't care who comes as long as someone comes to visit her!

Emma and Roxy are half sisters.  Both sired by Bruno. They are also belong to related families so they get to play all the time. :)

Hi Chris
I hope you and the whole crew are doing well!

I am sure you have heard all about Roxy too (from Mom) however I will give you our version of her!  She is lovely, really, really, lovely and if Jenny has half the personality Roxy does you are one lucky lady! She is so laid back, people really don’t believe me until they spend time with her.  When it is play time she is all in and when it is over she will stop.  Even if it has been a crazy busy day in this house and play time was short or to her great horror we miss a walk she is fine with that.  She won’t look for trouble she will just sleep a bit more.
We want you to know that we are thankful every day for letting us have Roxy, I know she was one you were considering keeping but we are so very happy you let her come home with us!
Love from the family that thought they wanted a BIG boy dog and couldn’t be more happier with our little girl.
Arlene, Brad, William, Hannah and Roxy

Hi Chris
I thought I would send you some updated pictures of Ziva.  I noticed when I was on the website that you don't have any pictures up of Alexis and Bruno's litter from August 2013.  I would love to see pictures of Ziva on your website so that everyone can see what beautiful pups Bruno and Alexis produce!
Ziva is doing very well.  She is so loving and quite the character.  Everyone she meets falls in love with her and comments on how beautiful she is.  She is a strapping girl, weighing in at a solid 88 lbs!
I have attached a few pictures from the nine months so you can see how she has grown.
I hope to see some of her pics on the website soon!

Hi Chris,
We cant believe that we have had Molly for a year already!  She is a fantastic dog!  Couldn't be happier with her. 
So glad we found Bellbrooke and your lovely dogs.
Thought I would pass along a couple new pictures of Molly - feel free to post them on your website if you like.
Have a great day,
Mike, Sarah, Caitlin & Gavin

Hi Chris,
I hope all is well with you.
We wanted to send a few pictures of Nevis. We are absolutely in love with him. He is such a great addition to our family.
Since day one he has slept in his crate, no whining or crying. He settles right down, but has no problem letting us know when he needs to be let out for a pee. He sits on command and sits at the back door when he needs to go outside. We have been lucky, there haven't been many accidents in the house.
We will send more pictures soon

 Hey Chris,

 all is going well with my little boy! I am in love!!!!!!

He is absolutely wonderful, charming, mischeivious, cute as a button and getting heavier (or I am getting weaker!). He's wonderful and taking to his crate really well. The last 3 nights he falls asleep around 10:30pm and getting up from 6:00 - &:00am. He naps several times during the day and is eating well. I love him...oh, by the way, I have decided to call him Guinness and will send you the official names for the CKC and some pics soon.

Thank you for your wonderful breeding, training and thank Liam & Emma - they did well!

Hi Chris,

I hope your summer is going well! I just wanted you to know that our loevly little boy is doing so well! Guinness, as we call him (as he's so brown, stout and yummy like the Irish beer...lol!) is just a charm!

He has experienced swimming in the water at my side and even fetched a ball from the shore...he likes to walk into the water himself as its shallow and warm! He is very confident and is doing well on his leash; I only walk him to the mailbox and back as I read that young puppies should not have pavement walking for the first 4 months of their life so that there is no added stress to their growing bones & joints....I did that with my Rawley (my yellow lab) when he was young - is there any truth to that?

He's a good boy with being in the crate and is eating well too! Guinness goes to our vet this week for his next set of shots and I will be interested in seeing how much he weighs now as he has grown so much! We weighed him at home last week and he was 23lbs!

I have attached a couple of pictures taken this past week.

Thanks again Chris, I just love him!

Your friend,

Sue....and Guinness

She likes the crate, goes in on her own for her naps, has no problem with me closing the door. Usually barks when she wants to go out for potty break. The few accidents she has had inside were more my fault, couldn't get my boots and coat on fast enough. She has gone 5 hours the last two nights. She seems to have the "sit" down pretty well and walks on leash pretty well (up and down the driveway)Update and new picture:

Hi Chris,
Sending another pic. We are having so much fun with her. She does have her moments but we just have to keep her from getting bored. I spend as much time outside with her as I can, retrieving a tennis ball, playing in the snow, walking. She is getting better each time with the leash.
Her vet commented on her size and condition, said he hasn't seen many labs her size at that age, commented on the size of her feet.
We gave her a bath last week and was totally fine with the whole process, even the hair dryer which she thought she should be able to eat. I will continue to send you updates (she weighed 33 lbs today).  Bill

Hi Chris,

Tried Molly out today with the 20 ga and no problem. I had Anne throw a dummie when I shot to practice the retrieve. She did pretty well.
She has flushed a few grouse during our walks in the bush. She may turn out to be the gun dog/retriever I had hoped she would be.
She has lots of energy and stamina so I hope to get her hunting with me this fall to use some of that energy up, ha ha.


Mar 1, 2013
Hi Chris,
I haven't given you any updates in a while so thought I would bring you up to date.

Molly had her annual vet check and shots yesterday. He was really impressed with her size and color and asked some questions about her lineage. I gave him your web site. He was also our former lab, Riley's vet.

Molly now weighs 76 lbs and she has no health issues, knock on wood. She has been getting plenty of exercise up until two weeks ago when I hurt my back. Fortunately, we are a short walk away from an area where she can go off leash. We live on a quiet crescent and she goes outside to do her business by herself, stays in her own yard and comes back to the door when she wants back in ( Riley was a different story ). She loves the snow, the deeper the better.
She is a very vocal dog, comes right up to me and barks when she wants out.

I guess that's it for now.

Hi Chris,

I hope all is well, and that you had a great long weekend!

I just wanted to send you a little update on our girl.... we have named her Abby and she is the perfect new addition! THANK YOU!

Abby had her first visit to my parents cottage, which she loved! She tried swimming for the first time and loves the water. We have had her over to my in-laws several times as well and loves running through the sprinkler with them :)

Abby likes her crate and has no problem sleeping in it! Depending on what time we can get her down she can almost sleep through the night - Robyn is a shift worker so it has been hard. He has left at 3:00 am everyday this week and she wakes up when she hears him making coffee.... luckily he will be on a different shift next week so this doesn't become a routine.
She is very into chewing... we have lots of toys everywhere to keep her entertained and help with her teeth - man they are so sharp! She isn't a big eater, so I am trying my best to get her to have 4 meals a day, but she will usually just eat 3 and pick at the 4th a bit. Certainly not food motivated, but this might change.
She loves her Rope toys best!

I have included two pics of her.... she has already grown since we brought her home and I am trying to embrace and capture every step.

We absolutely adore her and can't thank you enough for this wonderful pup!

Hope all is well with you!
Lindsay and Robyn

                                                                         Updated Picture>>>>
Hi Chris
I am sorry this took so long to get to you, but the puppy (Maggie) we got from in you January is awesome! She is so good(well as good as a puppy can be J) We are so enjoying her. We really think we picked the best puppy. We just got back from a week long camping trip with her and she was amazing!!! No fuss when she had to be leashed or no barking in her kennel. She swam without problem, sat in the canoe better than the kids and hiked the rocky mountains like a pro. Very impressed with her temperament and disposition. You have done a wonderful job breeding your dogs and recommend you to anyone that is looking for a chocolate lab!! Thank you so much! We love her so so much!!!
Thanks again
Derek and Tara

Just wanted to let you know that Willie and the Pup made it back to Edmonton. Willie said he was great, slept and waited till he got outside the airport to pee.

I want to thank you for everything, it was a wonderful experience dealing with you and the weekly updates were great ( the kids loved them).

Well our big guy is doing great! Doing awesome with house training and is traveling like a real trooper with Willie on the road this week.

He had his first swim, boat ride and walk this past weekend, and really enjoyed it.

He is really good with the kids, although they are trying to teach him NOT to bite.

So after much family debate, we have come up with the name Guinness or Gus for short. He is such a Manly pup that we think the name really suits him. He is so laid back, smart and really listens well.

Thanks again, and we will make sure to send you updates regularly.

The Guhls
After searching we found the perfect match with
Christine at Bellbrooke. We had spent almost one month researching the
breed ( chocolate lab ) and looking for a reliable breeder. After contacting many
breeders we felt that many saw as only a business and where not happy
to answer any of our questions, just wanted a deposit.

But then 1 day I ran across an ad by Christine, for a litter
from Bruno and Emma. I emailed her and within an hour already had a
response with information about her operations and litter. The next day to our
surprise we received a call from Christine. She was asking us questions
and answering ones we had. This was great and even arranged a
pre-visit to check Bellbrooke out. The following week we meet with Christine and spent over an hour
discussing the breed, our lifestyle, etc. Yes, she does screen potential clients.
We were immediately impressed and left our deposit.
Within the next few weeks we had received numerous emails with updates
on the litter ( Bruno and Emma's ) with pictures. This was amazing as
we saw our potential puppy grow up. In the meantime any questions or
concerns were answered without issue. Then we got the email we where
waiting for, you can come pick your pup up on this date and time. We
were so excited.

We went and picked our pup and spent some more time
with Christine and came home with our adorable Abby with a care package
of food and helpful info. Abby will be 10 months in May 2010 and in the
meantime we have kept in contact with Christine with pictures and updates
and even more questions, which she happily replies to.

We are overwhelmed with the attention Abby gets on our walks around town.
The most common phrase we hear is 'What a beautiful dog'. Even our
Pet Store and Vet are amazed at her appearance and her pure-bread features.

(At Bellbrooke Labradors) what you get is a true blood
line, the knowledge and support, prior and after, from Christine. And of
course an amazing companion.

We would recommend Bellbrooke to anyone without hesitation.

Abby - Julie - Marek

Hi Christine,
I hope this email finds you and the doggie family doing well! Moxie is almost 2 now and she is such a sweetheart. She has lots of energy to burn but loves to settle down and cuddle on the couch. She has been phenomenal with my young neice and nephews as well. We are gratful to have such a happy pup around all the time. She definately brightens the day. I've attached some recent pictures of her.

Good morning Chris!
Just wanted to let you know Jake is doing great.
The kids were so thrilled! He has met 4 dogs so far (in neighbourhood) on his "walks" if you want to call them that - really just walking along our front lawn! He plays a lot in the backyard with the kids and us - he loves Ty's soccer ball and a Frisbee. He's a quick learner too about what he can and can't bite or go near. Other than about 4 pees inside, he has done well with bathroom breaks! It's more us figuring out his schedule after he eats and drinks.
He has slept in his crate each night in our room. He whines to get out for a pee/poo and then has learned that after that he goes back in and has a few chews on his toys then lays down back to sleep. Luckily functioning with lack of sleep is still fresh in our minds from having kids!!!
We're crazy about him and are so glad we were able to meet you and him!
Thanks again!
Katie and Kevin.

Happy New year to you
Hershey can't help but bury his face in the snow everytime he goes outside ! He has been lifting his paws up because it's so cold ....
Hershey is adjusting to his new home very well....He brings us such joy.....lol He is very busy; He has plenty of toys; but just busy and nosey checking everything out I guess......
He is doing VERY well with house-breaking....he even goes to the door to get out....god love him .................eating well; sleeping pretty good tooo..

Thanks soooooooooooooo much for all your advise; and anything you know we need to be doing ; please feel free to let me know..... All advise is greatly appreciated......

Have a great day,
Alice, Gerry and Hershey

All in all he is a good boy. He has caught on to going outside to do his business. He is sleeping through the night

Hi Chris
Thought I would send you some new pictures. Chester is doing very well, he loves the snow and we have discovered that he likes to dig for and chew on rocks. We also have noticed that if you don’t get the rocks away from him he brings them into the house and hides them in his crate. He is truly one of the family. I can not imagine my life with out him in it. Thank you for everything and I will be sure to keep sending you updates on his progress.
Darlene and Cameron

Buster Brown is doing very well and growing like a weed!!! He took very little time getting used to his new surroundings! He has become good buddies with the older yellow lab we adopted named Porter. Buster has started the teething and likes to chew on just about everything so we are working on toys only. He goes for about 1 long walk and 2-3 shorter walks everyday and he plays constantly with the boys. housebreaking is coming along...some days are better than others. Buster has been awesome!! Thanks so much!

We are loving our new buddy...he loves everyone and everything! He is also growing in leaps and bounds. The boys are being very responsible with him! He is awesome!!!!


We received the registration papers. Also he has been to the vet and everything is going great so far. Very smart dog and has adjusted very well.

I attached a photo, taken the day after we got little Levi.

I will make sure to send you some more photos,

Tagg is a very happy dog, I think that's why everybody instantly loves him so much.
I can't tell you enough how amazing it is to have him around.
He's a lot of fun, and I take very very good care of him.
He gets good food, plays an hour every day, walks or runs with me for at least an hour every day as well. I feed him well (in fact my vet me to ease on the food a little) he needed to lose 4-5 pounds. He lost the weight and is as happy go lucky as ever


Erin wrote:
Some pictures of one of the loves of our lives....Lexi...thanks so much for her, she's brought such joy to our lives!!"
we just had another little boy 5 months ago....Lexi is even better with him than she was with Josh....she loves to lick his little face all the time....LOL!!

I hope all is well. We are enjoying Sasha very much. Thank you for the reminder to have shots done. We took her to the vet yesterday Jan. 22 and she had her shots plus a check up and another deworming. Our vet says she is in great health. We go back to the vet on Feb. 19th for the last shots and take a stool sample then. I will let you know the results then. Sasha has gained 9 pounds and is growing well. Yesterday was also her first day a puppy pre-school. She was the loudest and most out going in the class. Here are a couple of pictures. She loves the snow and we play outside with her quite a bit.

Thanks again for everything

Lorri, Mary and Sasha


Hope all is well. I thought you might like an update on Sasha. She is growing fast and very healthy @ 51 pounds. She came first in her puppy per-school class and is now enrolled in beginners class. She loves the social interaction of class. We had her spayed on Monday and everything went well but it is hard to keep her quiet. We are looking forward to an active and fun summer with her. My neigbour thinks Sasha is the greatest and can do no wrong. Here are a couple of pictures of her so you can see what a cute dog she is and how well she is progressing.


Mary, Lorri and Sasha
Hi Chris,
Just wanted to send you a hello and let you know that Zouga is doing so well!
He is a wonderful addition to our lives and he has such a great personality!
He is growing like a weed!!! ..We swear he’s bigger every time he wakes up from a nap. We run and hike everyday and he just loves the outdoors; so much to look at and smell. He also has taken quite well to our family’s 2 other dogs so we have doggie play dates quite often and he just loves being around his “sisters”.

Jayde, Alim and Zouga!

Hi Chris,
Katie and I would just like to send you an update on Max. We went in today for his 2nd set of shots. He weighs 22.8 Ibs and is doing very well. His stool sample was analyzed and it turned up completely negative – no parasites of any sort.
He is a very intelligent pup! We have taught him to ring a bell to go outside for potty breaks. He also knows ‘Sit’, ‘Down’- lay down, ‘Off’ – off of the furniture, ‘Shake’ a paw, ‘High Five’, ‘Wait’ – for food and eating politely, ‘Roll Over’, ‘Mine’ and ‘Come’. We are working on ‘Pretty’ – sitting up on his hind legs. We also want to teach him to ‘Crawl’. We are very anxious for the weather to warm up so that we can take him on more walks. He’s been on a few but it is really cold here most days. He gets lots of ‘floor time’ with the both of us so that we can play and work some of the energy out of him. He’s also had the opportunity to meet a few people and other animals. We’re doing this fairly slow so that we don’t overwhelm him. Also, he definitely tries his hardest to be a lap dog – which is both awesome and amusing. He’s about 95% house trained with the only issues arising when we’ve gotten him really excited. He sleeps through the night too.
Thank you very much for our handsome boy. We also thought that you might enjoy a couple of photos of him too.
Hi Chris
Champ has been a wonderful addition to our family!
New addition to the family.... a little sister for Champ.

Welcome to Carly.
Hi Chris,
Just wanted to give you a quick update on Gunner. Since bringing him home he has adjusted nicely. He sleeps well through the night, about 9pm-4:30am - a little early, but he stays pretty quiet until breakfast at 6am.
He knows a few commands already - sit, stay and come, and knows his name (80% of the time - or maybe its just selective hearing - ha!) But we still have him registered for obedience/puppy classes in Feb. He is booked in for his second set of shots this weekend.
Gunner is a very sweet and loving puppy - true to the nature of labs. We couldnt be happier with him!
We will send another update in a few weeks.

I have attached a few pictures, but as you can see they dont do justice as to how cute he really is!

Take care,
Chrissie, Eddie and Gunner
Hi Christine

I just wanted to let you know that Jake is doing very well. He’s adapted to our family instantly and the kids are having a blast with him. He’s very cuddly and energetic. We just love him. It’s funny how much we forgot from our last dog Max and now it’s all coming back, the wake up in the middle of night, the chewing and the crazy hyperness but he’s so worth it. Here are some pics of jake. He already weighs 22lb or more as he was weighed last week. Thanks again and we will keep in touch with updates
Rachel & Bryan
Well he has had his second shots and the vet says he is a very solid dog, great shape and health. He weighed in today at 24.6lbs.
One of he girls there put a puppy bandanna on him. He likes it but its not masculine enough for him. He would like a camouflage one so I am on the hunt for one. Lol
Some updated pictures of 'Remmie'
He is quite the dog, very rambunctious. What a big boy! He is a way bigger breed than my black lab was. He sleeps in bed with us....every night! He loves to chase sticks, and the poor poodles...
He gets so happy when he knows he is going for a boat ride. He loves to swim... He just loves the water. I have some pictures of him in the lake with his favorite chunk of drift wood. We love our Fred very very much, Shawn especially, they really bonded.
Thanks and take care
Kayla Shawn and Rylie
and Mr. Fred Caillou
I have (updated) pictures of Fred for you.
We have now had Fred for a year. Our last update was in the Spring and Fred was just getting used to the boat and fishing.
We spent our whole summer camping and hunting. He loved it. He knows his orange vest means BIRDS!
He is great at sniffing the birds out and retrieving as well, not afraid of the gun either.
He is also a very good guard dog, protective of his family which is great. Yet he is the biggest lovey boy ever.
He is doing very well and we love him very much :) He has turned into the perfect dog and I would recommend your pups to anyone.
Take care and Happy Holidays!
Fred's Family

Hi Christine,
We just wanted to send you an update on our wonderful little Angus. We are amazed at how quickly he is growing (19.3 lbs) and learning! He's great at walking on a leash and he already knows how to "sit" and "lie down." We've also been working on "stay" and "leave it." He's got a few dog friends in the neighbourhood that he loves to play with including a 4 month old doodle named Watson and a 1 year old chocolate lab (we have 2 neighbours with chocolate labs!) named Riley. He loves to play in the sand and chase bugs. He's got a great disposition, with alot of energy and loves to explore new things, but he listens and responds well, and also some quiet moments. He's quite a funny little guy too! If he's anything like Diana and Bruno, they must be great companions, I don't think we could have asked for anything more in a dog. Thank you so much Christine.
He had his first vet appointment last week, She says that he's a very healthy boy!
Best wishes,
Kate & Angus

Hi Christine,
I just wanted to send you a picture of Angus' first swim - he just jumped right in! So fun to watch!
Best, Kate
Hi Christine: I just want you to know how much I enjoy looking at your website. I check it weekly, and just love to see pictures of the litters of the past. It is nice that you added the names of the dogs....Is Ruby the sister of my Riley?? I often wonder about that dog. It was such a hard decision to make when I chose Riley.... If I had a larger house I think I would have gone home with both. Riley is doing well. I still need to send you some recent pictures of her. She is still a little overweight, although she doesnt look it. She is 79 and the vet would like to see her at 74 lbs. My daughter is home for the summer and has a white husky/shepard mix.... a nice dog with long legs, and tail, and a very lean body. That dog (Mia) stamds somewhat taller than Riley. They have a lot of fun together although I think Riley is just as glad to see her go home too! Can't wait to see new pics of the soon to be puppies! Carol

Hi Chris,
A monthly report, can't believe we have had Amber for 4 weeks already, just wanted to let you know all is well here. Amber coming along really well she has a real joy of life, house training really good. Learns fast but will push to see what her boundaries are!! Walking quite well already on a leash around the garden, of course when she is allowed to go out into the world I am sure all that will go out the window with all the new things to look at and smell etc!!! Hope all is well with you.
All the best,

Amber and 'sister' Candy.

New pic of Amber
Hi Chris
Thank you so much for choosing us to parent Daisy – she has settled into our family famously. She is very bright – she is trained – goes to the door and asks to go out . She knows her name and comes, most of the time, when she is called. She will sit when bribed. She is very willing to do anything for Greg – they are very close because he is home with her during the day. We took her camping this weekend and she had a ball. She loves her crate – just goes to bed when she needs to – she is still sleeping a fair bit but we can see differences daily now. She sleeps approx 10pm to 6am. She is making friends wherever she goes. She continues to love Kurtis – she is making friends with my grandsons. She loves my disabled daughter Megan and has no fear of the wheelchair at all. She just crawls up and cuddles in. So all in all she is fabulous – we love her to pieces and can’t remember a time without her.
Thanks again

Hi Christine – just wanted to touch base and give you an update on our baby. I have included some pictures from today – she is getting so big. The last visit to the vet she was 22lbs and in perfect health. She is very smart – she can sit, shake both paws, lie down, heel sometimes, she will fetch and release if she wants to, she is fully toilet trained…she does chew a lot so she has a lot of toys and bones instead of eating furniture, shoes or fingers. She loves her crate – goes to bed when she is tired. Apparently a little afraid of thunder – first time tonight and there she is hiding under our bed. We are having a great time with her – she is fabulous!


Hi Christine,
We just wanted to send you some pictures of our Daisy Loo enjoying her first year with us! We are enjoying her more than anything. She is a beloved member of our family – we love her dearly. She is such a good dog – very bright, beautiful and a huge baby. She still thinks she is a lap dog and spends more time on the couch than on the floor. Thank you for sharing your baby with us –
Anne and Greg

Hi Christine,
I just got your new website link from your email and it looks GREAT! It was also a great reminder that we are way too overdue for an update. Jameson is coming on 9 months this Sunday, weighing in around 73 lbs! He has definitely become part of the family and is loved endlessly. Funny story, walking Jameson we bumped into a similar chocolate and was my friend from elementary school…then it turned out that he has his brother from your same litter, Bauer. Jameson and Bauer play almost daily at the parks and they love it!
We’re getting almost full gear into camping season. We had him out in once so far and next week for a bigger trip to the Bruce Peninsula. He loves the outdoors, swimming, and has already been sprayed by a skunk… not the most fun of nights.
Pat & Ash
(new pics - on trip to the Bruce Peninsula )

Good day!
I hope you are doing well! Our Riley is doing really good. He’s just getting used to his new home. We have been sleep deprived for a bit- but he’s definitely worth it!! We love him so much!
He’s learned to signal to poo already- but not pee. We’ll get there. He has gained 3 pounds as well. He’s a big sucky baby, playful, and just the perfect addition to our family.
Thanks so much for everything- it was definitely a pleasure


Tess is doing really well. We go in Monday to the vet for flea drops and her lepto as she spends WAY too much time in the water!! Haha...she sure loves it. This winter we spent walking on the roads and going out for trail rides with the horse. Now she is starting to get more eager to do more things and hopefully I can keep up with her. I am just so happy with Tess and with your line! She is such a good girl. She behaves so well with my 4 year old nephew.

Hope all is well with you and the pack.
Take care,

(update on Tess)
VERY successful first time out duck hunting for Tess!!

Sam is doing great! He is 95 pounds! He has a heart of gold and loves everyone and all dogs.
He has been probably the best thing to ever come into my life Christine. Many thanks again for him.
All the best with the new puppies!
Lori & Sam

Great website to showcase your beautiful dogs and pups, congratulations, we will visit the site often to watch the two new litters grow. They're so cute, makes me want to have another.... no wait... Stella is good for now.
(updated picture of Stella)
Hi Chris,

Dodger is doing great and growing like a weed...I think he is almost twice as big as when we brought him home. He is almost sleeping through the night and puppy training is going well, he is such a smart little guy! He has already learned Come, Sit and Lie down. Thanks so much for providing us with such a great pup!


Katie and Bob

Hi Chris,
Hope you're doing well. We received Lola's certificate today - many thanks. Our puppy is growing fast, she's already doubled in size. We've taken Lola on a short camping trip to Algonquin (which she loved) and we're going on another in a few weeks. She loves going to the dog park to socialize with the other dogs and release some of that puppy/lab energy. Everyone in the family adores her.
Have a great summer!
Best regards,

(updated Picture of Lola)

Oh my God!!!! what a great site!!!!! We opened it together this morning, what a great way to start our day!! Megan looks like Luna. The pics of the pups are just adorable .... I want them all lol. Thanks for included our precious Luna in the website. Just booked our PEI vacation yesterday, Luna was absolutely fantastic last year and loved swimming in the ocean. Kim

(updated pic of Luna)

Libby is a very loving dog, dont think she has a mean bone in her body. She chews on things but that is not the same thing. She is very intelligent and knows what we want her to do but has a mind of her own. I say to her "Kennel up" to go to bed and she literally runs into her crate - no problem. That is the one right thing we did when we got her home - crate train.
All the best

(updated picture of Libby)

Hi Chris,
Happy New Year. I hope all is well. We are doing great, Buzz keeps getting bigger and bigger. He's now 80 Pounds and doing very well. We are so happy to have him. Our kids like to play fetch with Buzz and always want him around.
His training went well. He went to class every Tuesday for a private lesson from July to October. Buzz has turned into a pointing lab rather than flushing. This gives a bit more time and is preferred. Labs can be either point or flush dogs but from his first bird he was a pointer. We were very excited to see this. He's got a great nose and can track a bird from a distance. No issues with gun shyness which can also be a big concern. Buzz has been unbelievable to watch when working and has fantastic instinct. Your dogs not only make for a great pet but also a very good hunting dog. Our trainer is in Norwood, her name is Liz Outram of Point Blank Dogs. She is well known and very professional. I would recommend her for training as I would you for your Labs!
Pavo and Family

Hi Chris,
Sorry this has taken so long… but here are some recent photos of Molly this past weekend. She is starting to get used to the pool. She was very timid in the water at first, but now she will go right up to the stairs to be let in. She swims across the length of the pool, up the stairs and then back out. Ha ha. She is very sweet. She is growing very quickly. We took her camping with us last weekend, and I swear we all thought that she had grown over night. Even our neighbours next to us said the very same thing when they saw her the next morning. When we took her for her check up on June 24th she weighed 16lbs 4 oz.
We just love her to pieces!
Hope that all is well with you.

(updated new pic of Molly, Dec 2010)
hey christine,
sorry it has taken so long but we were finally able to get some pictures of ralff. Your website is looking really good Brittany and I check it out regularly hopefully all is well.
Trevor and Brittany

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